March 3, 2016

Wastewater System design



Don Moir, soil sampling for a new wastewater system.

We carry out site and soil assessments and produce a total design package for domestic wastewater systems for single dwellings through to larger systems for camping grounds, motels and the like.

Our basic design philosophy is to keep systems as simple as possible but to ensure that the system adequately addresses all the issues particular to the site.

Where possible we utilise the Advanced Enviro Septic, secondary treatment system. This is a very sound treatment system producing a very polished result. It has the advantage that there are no moving parts or pumps and no maintenance other than periodic cleaning of a septic tank which forms the first stage of treatment.

Don Moir has been designing systems in Southland since 1980 and has amassed a wealth of knowledge over that period of the best ways to treat wastewater for any given site.