Our History

Surveying Southland since 1955

Surveyors for generations

Ralph Moir Limited is a specialist surveying and wastewater system design company owned by Don Moir.

The company’s origins date to 1955 when Ralph Moir, Don’s late Father, commenced practice as a surveyor in partnership with Harold Williams an Engineer.  The partnership expanded to become Moir New and Jenkins during the 1960’s and then in the 1970’s became Ralph Moir and Associates. The partnership ceased with the tragic death of Ralph in 2001. 

The company provides services in surveying, land development, wastewater system design, resource management and engineering. Like Ralph before him, Don believes firmly in providing good old fashioned, personal service and advice to his clients, whilst taking advantage of the benefits of modern technology.  The company was one of the first to purchase EDM (electronic distance measuring ) equipment when it was first developed in the 70’s and similarly was one of the first to purchase GPS surveying equipment when it was developed in the early 90’s.

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